KKG's most ambitious programme; The "Model United Nations Programme" (MUN) is aimed at students who would like to take their knowledge of English and world affairs to the highest level.

Students apply for the programme and, if successful, become part of a team that will participate in a Model United Nations conference held overseas.Successful participation requires months of researching specific world issues and preparation of proposals. Selected team members also make speeches in English in front of hundreds of delegates from all over the world.

KKG's Model United Nations Programme started in 2002 with the first group of students attending The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN) in January 2003. This was the largest Model United Nations in the world and KKG was the only representative from Japan. A Kumon student was selected to be the Model United Nations chairman in 2007. KKG now participates in two or three conferences every year.

MUN is usually open to students from junior high school third grade and above. There are however, other activities for younger students to do as preparation for overseas conferences. The most successful of these has been the conference held at the school: MUNK.

Past Model United Nations

2002 The Hague (Netherlands)
2003 The Hague (Netherlands), St. Petersburg (Russia)
2004 The Hague (Netherlands), St. Petersburg (Russia), Athens (Greece)
2005 The Hague (Netherlands), St. Petersburg (Russia), Singapore
2006 The Hague (Netherlands), Los Angeles (USA)
2007 The Hague (Netherlands), Singapore
2008 The Hague (Netherlands), Singapore
2009 The Hague (Netherlands), Singapore
2010 The Hague (Netherlands), New York City
2011 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University
2012 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University
2013 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University, New York City
2014 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University, New York City
2015 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University, New York City
2016 The Hague (Netherlands), Harvard University, New York City

Kumon in New York

Participant Interviews

Participant Interviews