Field Trip Proposals

Junior high school first and second grade students gathered in the school hall to listen and vote on proposals for next year's "Japanese Culture Field Trip."

A total of twelve proposals were presented for evaluation by students and six will be selected to be used as field trips in the next school year.

Some of the themes presented were:

  • Japanese plums or "ume"
  • Japanese "tatami" flooring
  • Japanese soup base or "dashi"
  • Rice
  • The "Arima" hot spring area
  • Ninja
  • Japanese Sweets
  • Japanese traditional food stall or "yatai"

In addition to basic information about each topic, each presentation included problems facing each industry and suggestions on how they can be solved. For example: The demand for rice is decreasing as the Japanese diet starts to include more and more foreign items. The composition of Japanese families is also changing and more and more people are living alone. This makes bread a more convenient staple food.

Students turned in their voting papers at the end of the session. The six winning courses will be announced soon.



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