Singapore MUN

A group of 18 students from KKG recently returned from a trip to a Model United Nations conference in Singapore. THIMUN Singapore has been part of the KKG MUN programme since our first visit in 2005. This year was a little different since, in our efforts to broaden our MUN programme, we took Junior High School second-graders for the first time. This younger group performed splendidly, rising admirably to the levels of trust that the school had placed in them. 

The students were active when lobbying their ideas on the issues at hand and fearless and determined during the debate sessions. They posed many questions and stood to make some fine speeches. By the end of the conference, many of the students had found a new comfort zone within the challenging MUN arena, not only finding their feet through a growing confidence in their public speaking skills but also enjoying the social aspects of MUN, making many new friends from around the world.

The outstanding efforts of this young pioneer group have paved the way for future junior KKG students to benefit from the MUN experience. It also means that our newly expanded three-level three conference MUN programme has this year taken an important first step. We congratulate the students on their success and thank them for their diligence and enterprise. 


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Group Photo

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jhs2 student questions a speaker

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jhs2 student makes a speech