Covid Information for the Entrance Test

In response to the coronavirus outbreak,  the 2021 entrance examination will have the following measures. Please be sure to read this before taking the entrance examination for our school. 

1. Please refrain from taking the examination if you have any of the following symptoms on the day.

(1) Fever (37.5 degrees or higher)

(2) Have cold symptoms such as cough and headache

(3) A strong feeling of fatigue

(4) Difficulty in breathing

(5) Signs of fever such as chills and joint muscle pain

(6) Abnormality in the sense of taste and smell

(7) You have had close contact with a person infected with coronavirus within 2 weeks of the test.

2. Please check your temperature every day from one week before the entrance examination. If you have a fever within a week, be sure to visit a medical institution Please consult a doctor and follow the doctor's instructions.

3. Please be sure to wear a mask on the day of the entrance examination. In addition, we may ask to check your temperature and please use hand disinfection at the entrance to the school building. Please refrain from taking the test if your temperature is 37.5 degrees or higher. However, there will not be a make-up test.

4. On the day of the entrance examination, only one guardian can accompany you.

This also applies for other infectious diseases such as influenza.