International Events

The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN)

THIMUN provides students with an excellent outlet for using their English language skills. MUN helps them to obtain a global view of the world, and participating in MUN is often one of the greatest goals for KLAS students.

Humanitarian Trips to Nepal, Zambia and Serbia

Volunteer trips to Nepal,Zambia or Serbia can become the turning point in the development of students' future plans or their sense of values. Students first raise funds for the trip, and then go to their destination to build housing or deliver supplies of food and clothing.

The Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM)

Students can choose to take the Music Theory and Practical Examinations of the ABRSM, an organisation accredited by several music universities in the UK with histories stretching back to the late 19th century.

AMIS Solo & Ensemble Festival

About 500 students from 15 international schools take part in this event. Students showcase their musical abilities, and specialists in each category evaluate and advise them.

International Honour Band & Choir Festival

Talented students come from around the world to play together in an orchestra or sing together in a choir. Over 800 students audition, and 250 students are selected every year, including some KLAS students.

Inter-school Sports Fixtures (SGIS and ADISR Sports Tournaments)

Students actively participate in sports competitions sponsored by the SGIS, a group composed of 40 international schools within Switzerland, and ADISR, a group of schools from the French speaking region of Switzerland.

Overseas / Summer Programs

Exchange Program

In July, KLAS welcomes exchange students from the high schools in Canada and the UK with which we are partnered. In August, KLAS students visit the Canadian or UK schools. Students stay in their partner?s home for six weeks and are immersed in an English environment.

Summer Term for Seniors: SAP & SIL

12th grade students will have two separate summer programs. Students who qualify, and who wish to do so, will attend the Summer Abroad Program (SAP), mainly in the USA.

The other choice for the 12th grade students is an intensive English program, Summer in Leysin (SIL), which is held on campus. This program consists of two ESL classes and four content classes. The content classes consist of mixed groups of KLAS students and non-Japanese students from the exchange program.

The Summer Abroad Program (SAP)

Juniors who have achieved a TOEFL score of 450 or more by the middle of their junior year are eligible to apply for the Summer Abroad Program (SAP), a school-arranged language and college-experience program of study at universities in Australia, the UK or the USA. In the Summer Abroad Program (SAP), students can experience college life in English-speaking countries. Students not only gain invaluable practice with their English language skills, they also get a glimpse of what their lives could be like in English-speaking countries.

Summer In Leysin (SIL)

Students who do not qualify for the SAP join the Summer in Leysin (SIL) program, which features intensive English classes held at our Leysin campus during the months of July and August. Students in the SIL program have a chance to study and interact with exchange students from our sister schools in Canada and England.

Euro / Swiss / Optional Trip Programs

Swiss & European Cultural Trips (English-Guided)

An integral and exciting part of a student's education at KLAS, these trips are conducted twice a year and are normally four or five days long.

Typical destinations for the spring European Cultural trips are Budapest, Berlin, Prague, Florence, Vienna, Barcelona and Lisbon. The fall Swiss Cultural trips for 10th and 11th graders offer destinations such as Zurich, Lugano, Neuchatel, Bern, Geneva and Lucerne. At the same time, seniors go on their own trip to Italy.

After all these trips, students are required to write a report, in English, describing what they have seen and learned and their impressions of their destination.

September Trips: Two-day Adventure Trips

Every year, KLAS has so-called September Trips. In groups of about twenty, students leave campus for two days of adventure. These trips are based around outdoor pursuits such as rafting, trekking, skiing, horseback riding and cycling.

Summer Excursions

Every weekend of Term 1, KLAS organizes two excursions around Switzerland and to nearby countries, such as Italy, Germany and France. These excursions enable KLAS and visiting exchange students to spend time together at some of the most famous places in the region.

Optional Trips

KLAS organizes optional trips over the spring and summer short breaks to European countries. Upon request, the school will arrange for homestays with either French-speaking or English-speaking families.