School Events

Student Council Events

Kumolympics: Sports Day

As in most schools back in Japan, one day of the school year is given over to sports and this event at KLAS is called Kumolympics.

Open House: Community Outreach

Recognizing the growing interest in Japan and Japanese culture, we open our doors one day a year to the public and give them an introduction to Japanese culture at an event we call Open House. Hundreds of people visit the school, tempted by the thought of tasting Japanese food, trying their hand at Japanese calligraphy or origami, watching traditional martial arts, or simply just trying on a kimono.

Sports & Cultural Clubs

We have many kinds of activities supervised by teachers and organized by students. These include soccer, basketball, volleyball, skiing, tennis, swimming, social service (volunteering), music, chorus and drama to name but a few. KLAS is a member of the Swiss Group of International Schools and L' Association des Directeurs d' Instituts de la Suisse Romande. These memberships expand the diversity and number of events available to our students.

Musical & Sports Activities

Musical Activities

Music is a source of joy and an important means of expression for many KLAS students. KLAS provides students with opportunities in which they can dedicate themselves to their favourite kind of music and develop as musicians.

More than half of all KLAS students are involved in voluntary music-related activities. They contribute to a variety of musical events including concerts inside and outside school, and enter prominent music festivals in Europe, all in an effort to develop their skills.

Annual English Drama/Musical Production

Every April, after five months of rehearsals, KLAS students put on an English musical for the community of Leysin. Approximately two-thirds of the student body are involved in the event. Student involvement is not restricted to acting. They also oversee music, choreography, costumes, hair styling, make-up, sound and lighting, and help to build sets and props. Many local people look forward to the annual production and marvel at all the work that is done on a voluntary basis after school.

Sports Activities

Formal after-class sports activities are an important part of school life. All students participate in at least two supervised afternoon activities each week, and each activity meets at least one afternoon per week. Students choose among a variety of sport or recreational activities, depending on their own interests and faculty talent.

Skiing & Snowboarding Lessons

Leysin, one of the major ski resorts of western Switzerland, provides excellent sporting opportunities during the winter months. All students take part in skiing or snowboarding activities two full afternoons per week and are instructed by the Swiss Ski School. The KLAS ski team competes internationally against other schools and youth organizations.

Sports Clubs

These activities originate from voluntary activities of the students, and are operated mainly by students under the approval of the student council and supervised by faculty. They deepen the interaction with other international and Swiss schools through sporting events such as football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, and mountain biking, all amid the beautiful natural surroundings of Leysin, Switzerland.

Aigle-Leysin Marathon

The Aigle-Leysin Marathon, one of the events held in conjunction with the Swiss National Day on August 1, is a gruelling, mountainous half-marathon in which participants run from Aigle (at an altitude of 400m) to the summit of La Berneuse (2,000m), and back down to Leysin (1,400m) on a 13.1 mile (21km) course. Well-trained KLAS students take part in this event every year.