Held in September for junior high school second year students, the camp aims to be an "adventure-learning experience." Students spend three nights and four days learning teamwork, problem-solving and leadership through various games and activities.


1. By being placed in a completely different environment from their normal everyday lives, students will discover a new side of themselves and others.

2. Students will experience situations where cooperation with others is necessary and learn the importance of trusting others.

3. By focussing and working hard on a particular task, students will learn that you can experience a feeling of accomplishment regardless of success or failure.


The activites are run by "NOTS" which is a non-profit organization specializing in helping people develop through interaction with nature.


The Beam

A team must cooperate in order to cross a wooden "beam" without touching a marked area under the "beam." All members must make it over withing a set time limit. Teamwork and problem solving are critical.

Candle Meeting

Students gather around a candle-fire to discuss how they felt during the days' challenges. They might even discover something about themselves.

The Wall

Probably the most challenging task during the camp. All team members must climb a 4 meter high wall. Teams who complete the challenge often get quite emotional!


Mountain Climb

Students navigate the climb with a map and compass.

The Web

All team members must get through the "web" without touching it. The web has several "holes" and each one can only be used once. If someone touches the web, the whole team must start again.

Drumcan Pizza

Student cook delicous pizzas using wood and a drum can. The perfect way to end four days of adventure.