L.E.E is a "Learn in English" study program for high school second grade students. It was started in 2015.

The program aims to have students think about what role Japan can play in an increasingly globalized world. The ability to understand and accept other cultures is an essential skill for a future "Global Leader."

The L.E.E program offers students a chance to interact with university students from other cultures in English and discuss a wide range of topics.

Students choose from three courses. Two are overseas and one is in Japan. The overseas courses go to Singapore or New Zealand and the domestic course goes to Ritsumeikan Asia-Pacific Universtiy in Oita prefecture.

New Zealand

Maori Culture

Comments from Students

"... In Singapore, we had to discuss with students from other countries. We discussed Japan's role in Asia, what Japan did in World War 2 and what 'Globalization' is. I couldn't discuss with my group's members too much in English, but I think that I did my best. Maybe there were many mistakes in my statements but the other members were kind so that I could say something without being nervous. I made many friends in this program. I want to make more friends around the world. I think that this program brought me many changes."

Ms. "K" (Singapore Course)

"... I was very nervous because it was my first trip abroad and my first time to do a homestay. What I felt first in New Zealand is that it is cold. During the homestay, our host family was very kind so I had a great time. Particularly, host mother spoke English slowly and clearly so I could understand her English and I also spoke English a lot. What surprised me is the time for bed. I got up at 7:15 but my host mother said,"You should go to bed at 9 o'clock. So I slept for 10 hours!"

Mr. "S" (New Zealand Course)

"... I went to Singapore without haveing done much local research so I think I have learned quite a lot of new things. We did a lot of discussion and fieldwork. The theme which remains in my memory is 'Globalization'."

Ms. "T" (Singapore Course)

Oita Prefecture

Geo-Thermal Cooking
English Presentation
Geo-Thermal Power Plant