High school first grade students decide a theme according to their own area of interest and research it in depth. Some themes are assisted by Waseda university professors and researchers. Research results are presented at the school festival.

Project Studies

Project Studies
Project Studies
Project Studies

Project Study Theme Examples

Research Theme
What do tsunami-resistant cities look like? How can we handle pressure?
What is the ideal situation for the economy. Also, how can we make it happen? How can we make glasses that stay clean?
How can we avoid sunburn? How to predict earthquakes?
Is it possible to see your own dreams? How to deal well with stress?
The evolution of ecosystems and mass extinction What will building technology of the future be like?
How can we prevent cancer? IPS cells will change the future of life
How to exceed human limitations? What hasn't changed in the long history of Japanese architecture?
Next-generation communications technology? Is there a relationship between muscle strength and mind strength?
How are vectors used in everyday life? Where is the spirit of people? The emotional connection with the brain.
Is there really a relationship between blood type and personality? The effect color has on people
Are humans the end point of evolution? Why doesn't this school have nap time?
Do all creatures behave according to their own will? In order not to be nervous in front of people, what should you do?