International Exchange

Kumons international understanding student committee held an exchange discussion using ZOOM with "Paint Branch" high school in Maryland USA at 9am on Saturday the 18th of December which was 7pm Friday for the Maryland students.


To maintain social-distancing, students were spread between 6 classrooms. This also enabled them to hold the meeting without masks. The students first exchanged videos they had made introducing their respective towns. Kumon students spoke in English and the Maryland students spoke in Japanese.


The students then broke into groups to discuss school life in their home countries as well as current social issues and environmental problems. Four exchange students currently attending Kumon from India, Malaysia and Indonesia also participated. Although there were the inevitable awkward moments that accompany ZOOM meetings between people meeting for the first time, the session provided many laughs and interesting memories.


Kumon and "Paint Branch" Maryland plan to continue to hold exchange meetings in the future.


Students were spread between 6 classrooms.


The meeting was held on ZOOM.


Exchange students also joined.