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Akira Kajiwara


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English Speech Contest

A Kumon high school second grade student took part in the Honolulu Cup All Japan Youth English Speech Contest held on Sunday, June 19th.

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International Elementary School Visitors

Kumon Kokusai Gakuen welcomed 100 elementary students from England, Italy, Scotland, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand.

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Waseda University Field Work

On the 20th of April, seven high school second grade students took part in a field work program held by Waseda University.

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The King's School

On the 16th of April, Kumon welcomed 28 students from The King's School in Sydney Australia for a two night and three day exchange program.

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Field Trip Proposals

Junior high school second grade students presented their proposals for next year's "Japanese Culture Field Trip."

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Graduation Ceremony

As with their entrance ceremony six years ago, the 21st generation of Kumon students were blessed yet again with fine weather for their graduation ceremony.

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Guest Speaker

Students from the Kumon Kokusai International Student Committee recently had the singular honour of welcoming Morgan Henry, a data scientist with Instagram to an extended panel discussion.

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Project Studies Presentations

First grade high school students presented the results of their research in the Kumon Hall. The exhibition was open to students, parents and teachers.