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Campus Campus

Three zones to match the three stages of Kumon school life.

Dormitory Girls/Boys

Kumon's dormitory can cater to the needs of students from all over the country and all over the world.

Kumon Study Method Kumonshiki

"At your own pace" study support enables students to move ahead or catch-up in major subjects.

Sports Festival Taiikusai

The entire school is divided in to four teams to compete in various events in a fun-filled spring day.

School Festival Hyougensai

Held in autumn, a day of creative displays from all classes, clubs and student bodies.

Culture Trip Bunka Taiken

Junior High School students embark on a four-day research trip focussed on one element of Japanese culture.

Model UN Mogikokuren

Kumon's well established MUN program participates in conventions all over the world.

Model UN Kumon MUNK

Held in Japanese, MUNK is a great first step for students wishing to get involed in debating world issues.

School Video

Introduction to Kumon

A 12 minute video about kumon school life.

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School News

Past news stories

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2024-02-16Science Prefectural Tournament 3rd Place

On November 3rd and 23rd, our school team (8 students from the 27th grade) participated in the Science Koshien Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament.

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2024-02-10MUNK19th Event

About 100 students, including those from Kumon and other schools, attended this year. Many 1st-year students joined in and shared their thoughts during the discussions.

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2024-02-10Chocolate Science

On February 10th, we held a program called "Chocolate Science" with Mr. En Mochida from the University of Tokyo Institute for Solid State Physics as the instructor

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2023-08-10Kumon Student Graduates Oxford

This summer, Mr. Ken Yoneno, a 19th generation Kumon student, obtained a master's degree from the University of Oxford.

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2023-08-05Summer Study Tour

After a four-year hiatus due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Kumon's summer study tour to Australia finally resumed.

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2023-05-2131st Sports Festival

Although poor weather caused the festivities to be delayed by one day, Kumon's 31st annual sports festival was a great success.

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2023-04-05Overseas Study Term

After repeated cancellations due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 47 third-year junior high school students completed their two-month study abroad program in New Zealand

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2023-03-16International Understanding Lecture

Kumon recently hosted a lecture as part of its annual "International Understanding" event, featuring guest speaker Kateryna Novitska, a Ukrainian director at Japan's national broadcaster NHK. 

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2023-03-12THIMUN Qatar

Late on the evening of 12th March 22 students from Kumon set out to make a little history. They were the first group of students from Japan to attend a student conference in the Middle East: THIMUN Qatar.