Main Schedule Special Events
Entrance ceremony
Opening ceremony
Health check
April Orientation Camp (jhs 1)
Optional Dormitory Camp 1(jhs 1)
Practice University Tests (hs 3)
Physical Fitness Test
PTA general meeting May Sports Festival
Practice University Tests (hs 1-3)
Midterm Exam June Grade Event (jhs)
Educational Lecture (jhs1)
Parent-teacher conference week
Emergency drill
Zone time
Rolling Admission Test
July Language Study Trip (Vancouver)
Summer vacation August Language Study Trip (Australia)
Practice University Tests (hs 2-3)
Zone Time
End of Term Test
September Optional Dormitory Camp 2
Interest Studies (jhs 1)
Aventure Camp (jhs 2)
Japanese Culture Field Trip (jhs 3)
Project Studies (hs 1)
LEE (Liberal Arts in English) (hs 2)
Practice University Tests (hs 3)
Second Term Opening Ceremony October Expression Festival
Practice University Tests (hs 1 and 3)
Open Classes November Walkathon (jhs)
Art Appreciation Event (hs)
Second Term Mid-term test
Zone Time
Winter Break
December Grade event (jhs)
Practice University Tests (hs 3)
Zone Time January Kanji test
Overseas Model United Nations (Hague, Harvard)
Entrance Examination
Freshmen Orientation
February Practice test (jhs 1 to jhs 3)
Practice University Tests (hs 1,2)
Grade Events (hs 1,2)

Year-End Exam
Graduation Ceremony
Closing ceremony
Extra Entrance Test (if needed)
Spring break
March Student Council Election
Model United Nations (MUNK · MUNK International)
International Understanding DAYS (Lectures · TOEIC exam)
British Hills Language Training (Fukushima)
Overseas Model United Nations (New York)