School Director

Every child has a brilliant personality and unlimited potential. I want each student to show their personality in any environment and live their precious life to the fullest. With that principle in mind, Kumon Kokusai Gakuen is always thinking about educational activities that value each and every student, greatly expand their potential, and fully support their growth during this important period in their lives.

The school's name includes the word "international" because students should leave the school with a global perspective so that they can eventually take leadership roles in the world and solve various problems.

Future generations must face challenges, such as environmental, ethnic, political, economic, and educational issues, that transcend national boundaries. I think what is necessary for human beings living in the 21st century is the will to seek challenges and boldly pursue them while being able to respect the differences and needs of others.


Rinko Kumon Director

School Principal

"Learn, think, judge, and act on your own." It is a phrase often used at Kumon Kokusai Gakuen, but when trying to think, judge, and act, people make a series of choices. When faced with choices, it is natural that the more people interact with others, the wider the range of knowledge and thoughts they obtain, and as a result, they have more choices and are able to make more appropriate decisions and take more appropriate actions.

That is why two-way communication with others is very important, and in particular, interacting with others who have different ideas and values ​​will greatly grow you as a person. This is also the reason why the phrase "accept others" is often repeated at Kumon Kokusai Gakuen.

In reality, interacting with "others" is sometimes not an easy task. First of all, it is necessary to have enough linguistic ability, and also, it is also important to listen in a way that tries to understand the other party. This is difficult even for adults, so of course, many students can find it near impossible. However, it is still possible. Students learn to make that possibility a reality

Learning in a way that suits each individual requires a strong will to learn by oneself and to continue learning without fear of failure. Kumon Kokusai Gakuen provides opportunities for students to learn for themselves in all educational activities such as classes, public ceremonies, dormitories, expression festivals, sports festivals and school trips.

First you need to have the courage to take a step alone. Then you will find out what you lack, what you think, what decisions you should make, and how you should act. In Japanese, this is called "Jiritsu" which means independence or autonomy.

Why don't you start on the road to "Jiritsu" with us.


Akira Kajiwata Principal