High school first grade students decide a theme according to their own area of interest and research it in depth. Some themes are assisted by Waseda university professors and researchers. Research results are presented at the school festival.

Project Studies Examples
Research Theme
Why don't kids play outside anymore? The spread of mystery literature
Why is there a "Korean Boom?" Is it possible to live on another planet?
Facebook and human relationships How do smartphones effect the body?
What's the difference between happy and sad tears? Why is it easier to wake up when something good is happening?
How do you raise a pro baseballer? Why do people sometimes speak carelessly
Why did Vocaloid become popular? Why do people love the Gibili movie?
How can NGOs help street children? How necessary are programming skills?
How can networks help education? How important is it to support the economic development of
Make English an official language of Japan. Why does image change music?
The death penalty How to improve your karaoke score.
Regenerative medicine Why do different countries have different rules?
Why do people have different handwriting? How to make a hit song.