Typical Day
Getting to School

Most students travel to Kumon Kokusai Gakuen on the school bus which leaves regularly from Ofuna station. The bus ride takes around eight minutes. School starts at 8:40am however many students arrive much earlier to take advantage of study-areas located near the staff rooms. Junior first and second year students are required be in the classroom at 8:20 each morning for "Morning Kumon Method Study Time.

In keeping with the "No-rules" policy of the school, students dress casually.

Class Schedule

The class schedule is built around a two week cycle ("A" week and "B" week). This allows for greater flexibility. For example, students can receive three classes over a 2 week period.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. Each class is sixty minutes long. Below is a typical schedule for a first year junior high school student.

A Week (example)
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 English P.E Japanese English English
2 Japanese Algebra English Japanese Geography
3 Geography History Science 1 Home Ec. Science 2
4 Geometry English Geometry Algebra Art
5 Music Computers Geography P.E Ethics

The day is split by a lunch break of forty minutes which is held at 11:05 for high school students, and 12:15 for junior high school students.

B Week (example)
  Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri
1 Japanese Geography English P.E English
2 Science 2 Science 1 Geometry Algebra Art
3 History P.E Science 2 English Computers
4 Geometry English Music History Home Ec.
5 English Algebra Japanese Japanese Ethics

The majority of students eat at the school cafeteria which offers a selection of two kinds of daily lunch-set as well as pasta and noodle dishes.

After School

Around ninety percent of students partake in sports or club activities after school. Students are required to have left the school by 6pm.