Kumon Kokusai High School includes a large dormitory on it's campus which houses students from all over Japan as well as from overseas.

Dormitory life is not limited to full-time dormitory students. Junior high school first grade students also have an opportunity to experience dormitory life in the optional dormitory camp. Many students enjoy learning and living with friends during the camp and go on to become full time dormitory students.


Most facets of dormitory life are decided by both students and dormitory staff. Student representatives are chosen by election. Through participation in the running of the dormitory, students learn to think broadly and become more responsible.


The goals of dormitory life are to develop good lifestyle and study habits. Study time is held everyday. Junior high school first and second grade students study in the school classrooms. School teachers and specialist teachers as well as graduate students are on hand to assist students. Third grade students use the study area within the dormitory. High school students have an extended study time and study in their rooms.


4 Person Room



Study Room

Dorm Classroom

Yearly Schedule
April Welcome Ceremony
Welcome Party
JHS1 Sem.1 Dormitory Camp
October Tokyo Disney Resort Excursion
May Movie Night
Kosuzumecho Exercise Day
Tokyo DisneySea Excursion
November Disaster Prevention Training
Dormitory Open Days
June Disaster Prevention Training
Dormitory Open Days
Sports Days
December Movie Night
Christmas Party
JHS1 Sem.2 Dormitory Camp Finishes
July JHS1 Sem.1 Dormitory Camp Finishes
Summer Vacation
August Summer Vacation February (School Entrance Examination)
September JHS1 Sem.2 Dormitory Camp
Kosuzumecho Autumn Festival
Kosuzumecho Athletic Meet
Movie Night
March Movie Night
Dormitory Graduation Party
Room Change

*There are many other student-organized dormitory events.


Girls' Dormitory

Boys' Dormitory