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Campus Campus

Three zones to match the three stages of Kumon school life.

Dormitory Girls/Boys

Kumon's dormitory can cater to the needs of students from all over the country and all over the world.

Kumon Study Method Kumonshiki

"At your own pace" study support enables students to move ahead or catch-up in major subjects.

Sports Festival Taiikusai

The entire school is divided in to four teams to compete in various events in a fun-filled spring day.

School Festival Hyougensai

Held in autumn, a day of creative displays from all classes, clubs and student bodies.

Culture Trip Bunka Taiken

Junior High School students embark on a four-day research trip focussed on one element of Japanese culture.

Model UN Mogikokuren

Kumon's well established MUN program participates in conventions all over the world.

Model UN Kumon MUNK

Held in Japanese, MUNK is a great first step for students wishing to get involed in debating world issues.

School Video

Introduction to Kumon

A 12 minute video about kumon school life.

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School News

Past news stories

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2022-11-28Tea Ceremony for International Students

The Japanese Tea Ceremony club held a ceremony for some of the international students currently attending Kumon Kokusai Gakuen.


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2022-11-24Banana Muffin Program

Mr. Hiroki Tanabe, Vice President of Tanabe Farm, comes to Japan from Ecuador once a year. He kindly agreed to participate in a "Banana Muffin" program which was jointly held by Kumon's  International Department and  Research and Development Department.


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2022-10-20Kumon Graduate at Oxford

Kumon Kokusai is proud to congratulate graduate Ken Yoneno on his Matriculation to the University of Oxford on 15th October 2022. 

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2022-10-19Online Exchange

On October 14th (Friday), Kumon students participated in an online exchange meeting with high school students from Dalian City, Liaoning Province, China. The meeting was held by the Kanagawa Prefecture Private Junior and Senior High School Association.

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2022-02-17Business Idea Contest

First year high school student, Ms. Miyabe has won an excellence award in the "National High School Student Business Idea Contest 2021."

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2021-12-18International Exchange

Kumon's international understanding student committee held an exchange discussion using ZOOM with "Paint Branch" high school in Maryland USA at 9am on Saturday the 18th of December which was 7pm Friday for the Maryland students.