media center

A multipurpose special classroom with 45 laptop computers. Students participating in our Model United Nations program can be found preparing here almost every day after school.

school commons school commons

The sunny school commons, is about the size of four ordinary classrooms. It used for students' various activities. In addition to classes, mini-performances from the dance club, brass band, and theater club are held here. The Student Organization Room is also housed here. It is also used as a quiet self-study space.

martial arts

The martial arts hall is mainly used by the kendo and dance clubs

indoor pool

A 25m heated indoor pool.

weights room

The weight rooms have both machine and free weights.

Japanese Room

With a floorspace of 28 Japanese tatami mats, the Japanese room is used by our "Tea Ceremony" and "Traditional Japanese Culture" clubs.

Arena Arena

Smaller than Kumon Hall, the "Arena" functions as a second gymnasium.

Beach Volleyball Court

An unusual facilty for a school in Japan, our beach volleyball team trains here and regularly competes in the national finals.


All classrooms are air-conditioned and have a projector and sound system.

Kumon Hall Kumon Hall

Kumon hall features all kinds of indoor sports facilities and can be used for large gatherings and ceremonies.

Lecture Room

Lecture rooms are double the size of regular classrooms and can be partioned into two normal size rooms.

PC Room

Containing 48 computers arranged in small islands, the PC room is often used for group research work.

Library Library

With an ever-growing collection of over 32 000 books, the library has a newspaper database, wireless lan and notebook computers which can be borrowed for use in the library. It has enough seating for two classes.

Hall Hall

With seating for 312 people, the hall is used for all kinds of large meetings. It is also used after school for the Kumon study method.


This sunny entrance to the school also doubles as a study area.

Study Area Study Area

Each "zone" has a self-study area near the teachers' room.

Tennis Courts

Three artificial-grass courts protected from the wind on three sides.


The cafeteria provides all meals for dormitory students and lunches for regular students. For lunch, two set meals are offered as well as a pasta and noodle dish.

School Ground School Ground

The field features high-quality artificial grass and has a full lighting system.

Running Track Running Track

A 100 meter running and long-jump track

Dormitory Dormitory

The dormitory is home to around 20 percent of our students. Regular students also have an opportunity to experience dormitory life through the optional "Dormitory Camp" held in the first year of Junior High School.
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Handball Court

A full-size artificial grass handball court.

Archery Field Archery Field

Japanese archery is very popular at Kumon Kokusai Gakuen and the archery range provides a safe environment for students to train. The range also has lighting for afternoon training in winter.