Turkey Earthquake Thank You

In the early hours of 6 February two devastating earthquakes struck southern Turkey affecting 23 million people in Turkey and Syria. The damage has been extensive and the consequences tragic. Tens of thousands have lost their lives, hundreds of thousands have lost their homes. The weather is cold and many remain without shelter, electricity or running water.

The day following the opening of an appeal by the Japan Red Cross to help victims, Kumon Kokusai International Student Group moved in support. Following a meeting during which Nuriye Koç,  a KKG student of Turkish family heritage, made a moving statement about the situation and how it had directly affected her own relatives, a school appeal was immediately launched.

After announcements were made to students and staff, members of the International Group stood at the school gate from the morning of 15-17 February to collect donations. The response was most generous with ¥120,479 given.

The International Student group would like to thank the students, staff and all families who contributed. We’d like to send out a special “Thank You” to younger students, many of whom were joining our school efforts for the first time; also to those who contributed more than once; and to the kind lady from the local community who came to contribute because she’d read our appeal on Facebook. 

We fully appreciate that the situation in the affected areas remains desperate and would encourage anyone who missed the chance or wishes to make any further donations to visit the Japan Red Cross site: 

By Emily Gdula, Leader of the International Student Group