Science Prefectural Tournament 3rd Place

On November 3rd and 23rd, our school team (8 students from the 27th grade) participated in the Science Koshien Kanagawa Prefectural Tournament.

The Science Koshien is a competition where teams of up to 8 members from each school cooperate to work on written and practical exams.

If we had won, we would have been able to represent Kanagawa Prefecture at the national tournament, but we fell just short. Nevertheless, in a field of 24 strong schools, we placed 10th in the written exam, 2nd in the practical exam, and 3rd overall. This is our first time to win an award since the 15th grade, 12 years ago, and we are very proud of our students' accomplishments.

Here is a more detailed breakdown of the results:


  • Written exam: 10th place
  • Practical exam: 2nd place
  • Overall ranking: 3rd place