12th MUNK International

The 12th MUNK International was held on March 16, 2024, at Kumon Kokusai Gakuen in Yokohama, Japan. The conference was held entirely in English and featured approximately 100 participants from various schools.

The theme of this year's conference was "Refugees," and three draft resolutions were submitted and passed. The conference was a valuable opportunity for students to practice their English skills and learn about the complex issue of refugees.

The following is a summary of the conference:

  • Opening Ceremony: The conference began with an opening ceremony, during which the participants were welcomed and the theme of the conference was introduced.

  • Committee Sessions: The participants were divided into three committees, each of which focused on a specific aspect of the refugee crisis. The committees discussed the following topics:

    • Committee 1: The root causes of refugee displacement

    • Committee 2: The challenges faced by refugees

    • Committee 3: The role of the international community in addressing the refugee crisis

  • Caucuses: The participants met in caucuses to discuss their positions on the issues and to prepare for the drafting of resolutions.

  • Drafting of Resolutions: The participants worked together to draft resolutions that addressed the issues discussed in the committees.

  • Debate and Voting: The participants debated the resolutions and voted on whether to adopt them.

  • Closing Ceremony: The conference concluded with a closing ceremony, during which the resolutions that were adopted were announced.

The MUNK International is a valuable opportunity for students to learn about global issues and to develop their English skills. The conference provides students with the opportunity to:

  • Research and debate global issues: The participants in the MUNK International are required to research and debate global issues. This helps them to develop a deeper understanding of the complex challenges facing the world today.

  • Develop their English skills: The MUNK International is held entirely in English. This provides students with the opportunity to practice their English skills in a real-world setting.

  • Network with other students: The MUNK International brings together students from different schools and backgrounds. This provides students with the opportunity to network with other students and to make new friends.