2024 School Sports Day

The 2024 School Sports Day scheduled for Saturday, May 25th will be held without restrictions on visitors. No prior reservations are required.

Registration will begin at 8:40 AM on the day of the event. The School Sports Day is scheduled to end at 3:20 PM.

Please note that buses operating at times other than those listed on the bus schedule are only available to students and faculty of our school. Buses will be operated for a fee (270 yen with IC card or cash).

There is no parking or bicycle parking space at our school or in the surrounding area. We kindly ask that you come by public transportation such as train or bus. Please note that the Ko雀 Park parking lot near the school is not available for use by anyone other than park users. Street parking causes inconvenience to the neighborhood and we receive many complaints about it, so please refrain from doing so. If you have any special circumstances, please contact our school.

Please refrain from walking in high heels or leaving food and drinks on the artificial turf, as this can damage it. In addition, the cafeteria will be open for lunch on the day of the School Sports Day. (The menu will be announced later.) Please cooperate by taking your trash with you.

This year, we plan to open the area around the team panels on the main side of the ground to visitors during lunch breaks and keep it off-limits during competitions so that visitors can see the panels up close. Please take a look at the students' masterpieces.

If the event cannot be held on May 25th due to bad weather or other reasons, it will be postponed to the following day, Sunday, May 26th. Please be sure to check the school website's "Latest Information" section at 6:15 AM on the day of the event for information on whether or not the event will be held.